Sunday, June 1, 2008


Emma's two and boy does she love her veggies! Actually she just likes the ranch on top and when she is done with it she puts in back on the tray for someone else to enjoy it. Sweet huh? She had her birthday party yesterday at a park by her Tauntie Amanda's house in Cardiff. It was pretty fun, I just wish Olivia was big enough to be able to play with all of the big kids at parties.

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3 Joys... 1.Being a wife and a mom. It's all I've ever wanted. 2.Getting time off as a mom and a wife. It's all i ever want. 3. Seeing Shane and Olivia after having time off. I did miss them after all.

3Fears...1.I am so afraid of being home by myself at night. 2. i am afraid of Livi making really bad choices when she is older. 3. Sometimes I am afraid of Shane. Just kidding.

3 Goals... I want to be more organized cuz i stink at it! 2. I'm not a big spender but i need to stick to the budget more if I'm ever gonna get a house of my own. 3. I am going to be a master cake decorator.

3 current obsessions/collections... 1. I too, like Erin, am obsessed with "So You Think You Can Dance". 2. I have just recently become obsessed with my wrinkles. I'm only 25! Why do I even have wrinkles! 3. and i have been collecting cake decorating stuff like crazy! My poor little family gets totally neglected when I'm in the "cake zone" (that was totally dumb).

3 random surprising facts about yourself... 1. I dance around my house when no one else is home. 2 If i could eat an In N Out hamburger for lunch every day. I would. 3. I wish that i had 5 friends to tag.


Hoy Family said...

I love the picture of you and Olivia!!! You look great! My mom posted a comment on my blog about wanting a cake :)

The Thorsons said...

olivia is so dang cute, adn I think it's great that you are going to master cake decorating, it's totally you. maybe when Mia gets married you can do her whole wedding cake instead of just the flowers :o)