Friday, May 30, 2008

Woo Hoo!!!

Yay for G.N.O. That's for you Erin. So I'm pretty stink'in excited to go make a complete fool of myself as I attempt to rock climb. Some girls night out huh? My left arm is "Wonder Woman" strong from hauling Liv around all the time, but I know that my right arm is gonna let me down. All well, at least I have dinner after to look forward to. Thank you Woodland Park girls for including a friendless me to play with you. So good luck to me, Erin Hoy, Christy Lalanne, and Collette Guerrero who, rumor has it, may not be climbing anything.For anyone who hasn't seen, this is my brother Stevens new baby Rainn.


Erin said...

YAY FOR GNO!!! Although I did think that shopping was a way better idea than rock climbing :) But I still want to go after I increase my upper body strength... My left arm is stronger than my right... weird! :)

Hoy Family said...

OH MY GOSH! Super cute family picture! I love it!