Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I am alive

...For any of you who may have been wondering.
I am happy to report all is well with me and mine! Shane is busy at work, Olivia is potty trained, Eliza is one and is going to be a big sister come October. I say I'm alive but only just... I almost didn't survive the first 4 months ( I may be exaggerating)...
but things are getting a little bit better every day.
This is my little family at Easter.
And though I may look a little haggered in early pregnancy I still love this picture because it is the only family picture I have of all four of us...That's not entirely true... There is a Halloween picture with all of us but since we are all in costume its not really wall worthy.
Shane and baby Li

Olivia and cousin Emma
who has changed Olivia's name to
Sugar Butterfly
And though Emma may not remember naming her that...
Olivia corrects me several times a day when I call her Olivia.

Till next week....or month

...or year