Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas

 So my Christmas was great... how about yours?

I"ll just show a few fun photos and call it an update.

My brother Steven being very merry and lumber jackish.
Five of the seven brothers were there Christmas Eve at my moms.
My three girls in their Christmas p.j.'s

Setting out cookies and milk for Santa

Shane picking the cookies up off the ground

After Santa came and before Shane and I wnt to bed
Olivia not really sure what to think.
At least Eliza likes it


Sooooooo cute

The dining damage from Christmas brunch with the Hoys was not so bad.
(and Shane didi the dishes)

Saturday, November 20, 2010


So I made my own hospital gown. I figured that I'd be in it for a while and I might as well look and feel as cute as possible for someone having a baby. And it worked!!! I think everyone of my nurses,  my doctors, my anesthesiologist and even the people I passed in the hall said they loved it and wanted one.
 Shane said I should sell them.
 NO WAY!!!
Once I start doing it for money it wont be fun any more, and then what will I do for fun?
Run?... uh uh.

Right after little one was all clean and warm.
( I didnt want to put the first picture because I think that only the mother who bore the
 child thinks they're cute when they are screaming and slimy.)

Daddy holding his third girl for the first time.

My little Ninoshka about 1 week old.

The labor and delivery was a breeze. Super easy and relativly pain free (love me my epidurals). I think I was in labor a little less than 4 hours and pushed 3 times. Thats the way I like it,
She was taken to the NICU about 6 hours after she was born for some breathing distress and was there for two days.  She is home with us now and happy and healthy and has been smiling  a bit for the past two weeks.

I'm adjusting slowly to being a mother of three and having a house to clean and food to prepare.
Shane has been a dream husband and such a help around the house, in the kitchen and with the girls.
I couldnt be more blessed!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I am alive

...For any of you who may have been wondering.
I am happy to report all is well with me and mine! Shane is busy at work, Olivia is potty trained, Eliza is one and is going to be a big sister come October. I say I'm alive but only just... I almost didn't survive the first 4 months ( I may be exaggerating)...
but things are getting a little bit better every day.
This is my little family at Easter.
And though I may look a little haggered in early pregnancy I still love this picture because it is the only family picture I have of all four of us...That's not entirely true... There is a Halloween picture with all of us but since we are all in costume its not really wall worthy.
Shane and baby Li

Olivia and cousin Emma
who has changed Olivia's name to
Sugar Butterfly
And though Emma may not remember naming her that...
Olivia corrects me several times a day when I call her Olivia.

Till next week....or month

...or year