Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So... did you know that every time I go to write a new blog I start with "So" and then erase it? Silly eh? Shane is out with our elders right now at a teaching appt. and I was at a loss for something to do having just put Livi down and absolutely no desire to do any house work and every cell of my body screaming out for ice cream and cookies. So here am I. . . blogging. About what though? How about this Obama character. Can't stand the man. I don't much care for Hillary either but at least McCain had a chance of beating her. Honestly, I really don't like him either. What's an American to do? I am a little nervous for what the future hold for my little family with the world and our country in such an awful state. My daughter has to grow up in a world where the majority of the people she'll come in contact with will tell her that homosexuality is a perfectly natural thing. In fact they will tell her that she is a bigot for thinking otherwise. She will be thought more of a prude than you or I when we were young for turning down drugs or waiting until marriage to have a sexual relationship. Condoms will be passed around elementary school classrooms and boys will be in the girls bathroom because they "feel" that they should be girls and should not be discriminated against because they look different than what they are "inside". The temptation for everything evil is getting stronger and the worlds is encouraging it like never before. And a crazy-A leftist liberal is, in this girls opinion, the beginning of the end my friends. In the last few years Barry Obama has polished and cleaned up his act as much as possible to capture the hearts of the people of this country. He is an amazing speech giver and has moved and excited millions, but I guarantee that he will let them down and we will be none the better but worse off at the end of his would be presidency. Next blog topic... Al Gore; the cause of the worlds starvation.


Hoy Family said...

Amen sista friend! I'm also scared for our country's future. I hate that feeling - especially since I feel powerless to do anything about it... I also start EVERY blog with so... and then erase it :)

The Stokes Family said...

Hey there! Yay! So glad you are bloggin - love the picts of your little one! She is sooo cute!!! I think I start every blog with so too - or ok --- you are not alone... Loves - talk to ya soon - Chris!