Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So. . . five days later. I tried to post this blog on Saturday but Shane had changed some of the settings on our computer so when I posted this it ended up on the pest control blog. AHH frustration! Any way I couldn't figure out how to save it and put in on the family blog so it was lost . How ever, I have overcome my depression concerning the thing
any you get to see beach day!
Olivia and i went to the beach this last Friday with Erin and Ryan and Collete, Seth, and Brandon. We had a good time and I am proud to say that the only baby girl there was Livi and she was the only not to get scared of the water.
Let's see what fun Liv had.
" Hmm. . .what's this? Pretty color, handle. . . It's a Popsicle
MMMM!!! I love popsi. . .

wait. . . that's not a popsicle.


She was a little disappointed that it didn't turn out to be a popsicle but she got over it.
We cleaned her up and since silly me forgot to bring a shirt for the poor girl we had to put her in one of cousin Ryan's and she ended looking like one of the boys hanging out
with their mom's at the beach.

Till next time , The Hoys.

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Jessica said...

She looks so cute playing in the sand. It's funny watching your kids experience sand for the first time. I wish we still lived in CA.