Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hi There!

Olivia Was at her Beautiful Grandmother Pamela's house this past week. (my mom had been gone for a month so we were pretty excited to be there).
Olivia is the third youngest of all of the 16 grandchildren and all of the "big cousins"
stack all of my moms dozens and dozens of pillows into the "pit" (sunken area of the living room) and jump in from the top step. Livi usually just goes all the way in and jumps. However, Olivia decided to take advantage of being the only "jumper" there on Friday and jumped from the top step for the first time! Yay Livi!
This picture is of Eliza this week at Grandma Karens house.

And this sweet photo is a snapshot of a nightly occurance. I tell ya, this man loves his girls. And since it is our anniversary tomorrow (thats why I put the wedding photo up top. I'm feeling lovey). I can say that I love this man!

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Stacie said...

blog looks great! love the update. glad to see you guys are doing well :)