Monday, October 19, 2009

I know, I know... too many pictures...but too cute, right!?!?

I love pumpkin time! We took our girlies to Bates Nut Farm this past week and took 1,000 pictures. Olivia had a cold and was less agreeable than Eliza, but we still got some good pictures in anyway.

I love my babies. If you look at the end you will see a picture of me kissing Olivia
in a very similar top when Eliza was in my tummy.

Yes, Eliza is eating dirt. And straw.

We were trying to get Livi to be cute and she wanted to be silly.
This was the compromise.

Here we see Olivia being a good sport
while Eliza picks on her...
Here we see Oliva getting a little irritated
when Eliza gets a bit more aggressive...
And very shortly after that Olivia reached her limit...

Pretty sure Eliza wanted the pumpkins to herself.


I'm pretty sure that was her plan.

This girl's got a thing for dirt and straw.

Olivia would Rather be with her dad anyway.

Or in a wheel barrow.

It is so fun for me to see my little girls grow up.
Here are the past threee years with Olivia at Bates.

3 months old

15 months old

2 years old


Stacie said...

that looks like a really neat place
! what a fun tradition. i love the pix and your comments about them :)

Krista said...

cute pics. i love the bows and i'm thinkin eliza looks more like you. not that you care. but i wish my eliza had a bit more of me in her.

Shiloh Thacher said...

Your girls are getting so big. They are gorgeous just like their mama.

enricofam said...

I love that when you catch up you do it with a bang!! I loved to see your beautiful girls getting bigger and bigger with every post! so flipping fun! hey I sure do love and miss you!!!! keep posting girl!