Thursday, May 29, 2008

Lost Cake

Okay! Two years later! Sorry Erin. You ask your self "why apologise to just me Melinda?". Simple. You are the only one who reads this Erin. And that's your right, you created the dang thing. It is Thursday morning and i have just lost 2 1/2 days of my life to a cake. and have nothing to show for it. I am taking cake decorating classes and have been working on the most detailed cake yet and when i brought it home last night. . . you'll never guess. The camera battery was dead and the charger was and is nowhere to be found.( told you you'd never guess.) So what else was there to do than cut into it and eat it out of depression. i did take a picture with my camera so there is a blurry record of the thing. On to happier things. Olivia is so cute! And maybe you think to yourself "Melinda, you're just biased. She's your daughter.". And I say, you are wrong! Well, not about the daughter part, that's right, but about the cute part. She is the CUTEST! She is so happy and fun and silly and she takes her naps and goes to bed without a fight. She doesn't like her green veggies but what little kid does? (If yours does, don't tell me). she has got four little gopher teeth, her is hair is curly in the back and chances are pretty good that if she is awake, she is smiling.
'till next time. Melinda Hoy

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